Curbside Pickup Serivce


You want it, you got it! Beginning Wednesday, April 6th, the Marion branch of the Marion County Library System will begin curbside pickup service.

Here’s how it works:

  • Place your hold request (up to 5 items) either via our online catalog or by calling 843.423.8300.
  • Once your items are available for pickup, a MCLS team member will contact you by phone and email to schedule your pickup date and time, as well as give you a designated parking spot.
  • When you arrive at the library, park in your appointed parking spot at the front of the library.
  • We ask that you please open your trunk – this will prompt our team to know that you are ready for your books to be delivered to you.
  • A team member will bring your items to your car and place them in your trunk.
  • Once our team member has placed the items in your vehicle and is at a safe, social distance, you may close your trunk.

Item Returns:

If you have items that you need to return while utilizing our curbside pickup service, you may deposit them in our book drop at your convenience. We ask that you please practice social distancing while doing so.


Youth Poetry Contest


We have all been affected by Covid-19 in different ways. Some of us have become one with our couch, some have taken up gardening, others of us have become experts at video games and learned more about wild animals. Most of us are missing our friends and some have lost family members.  We’ve seen empty shelves in stores and neighborhoods full of teddy bears in the windows. What we haven’t seen is your unique perspective. Your challenge is to write a poem about your experiences during quarantine.

Don’t worry! It doesn’t have to rhyme. Some of the most famous poems ever written do not even rhyme at all.

Here’s a neat website about poetry to get the ideas flowing:




  • Child must be a student between grades 3 – 12 and a current resident of Marion County, SC.
  • The poem must be written by the child/student named on the submission form.
  • Only one entry per student, please.
  • Entries must be submitted by 6:00 pm on Friday May 29. No exceptions will be made.



  • 1st place winners will be awarded a $20 Walmart Gift Card
  • 2nd place: winners will be awarded a $10 Walmart Gift Card
  • 3rd place: winners will be awarded a $5 Walmart Gift Card

First, Second, and Third Place winners will be selected for the following groups:

  • Grades 3-5,
  • Grades 6-8,
  • Grades 9-12.



If you are interested in submitting a poem, please review the contest requirements*, register, and submit your poem here.

Submissions are accepted from Friday May 1, 2020 to Friday, May 29, 2020. All entries must be submitted by 6:00 p.m. on Friday, May 29, 2020.

Winners will be notified by phone or email and announced on Facebook on Friday, June 5, 2020.

Daily Fun Tip #5



Today, I challenge you to sing “Old Mac Donald Had a Farm” together. This song is such a fun song! It allows kids to associate animal sounds with the names of the animals, it teaches kids about what animals are found on farms, and  allows you to be silly and incorporate animals and sounds that aren’t traditionally thought of as found on farms, but definitely appear on real farms. For example, CRICKETS!

…and on this farm he had some Crickets!  E-I-E-I-O
With a chirp chirp here and a chirp chirp there… 
Here a chirp, there a chirp, everywhere a chirp chirp….

You could even let your child talk about what they would like on their farm if they had one and sing a version about that.  Or you could get really wild and add a verse about mosquitoes, and instead of making the sound mosquitoes make, you could swat at your arms or legs like this:

…and on this farm he had MOSQUITOES! E-I-E-I-O
With a (smack your arms twice, mimicking swatting away a mosquito) here and a (smack your legs twice) there…
Here a (smack your arm once), there a (smack your leg once)…everywhere a (quickly swat your chest and tummy) 

Keep talking, singing, and playing!


Daily Fun Tip #4


Unicorns. Ohhhhh, unicorns. They are one of my absolute favorite mythical creatures! Horses with colorful hair, golden horns, & wings: what’s not to love?!

Today, I challenge you to read a book about unicorns with your kids, or watch the following story time videos about unicorns:

Thelma The Unicorn –  by: Aaron Blabey

How to Catch a Unicorn – by: Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton

You Don’t Want a Unicorn – by: Amy Dyckman

Unicorn Day – by: Diana Murray

Daily Fun Tip #3

One of the most popular things to do once the weather gets nice is to go to the zoo. Kids love to see all of the animals they’ve been learning about at school or in the books you read to them.

Since being quarantined, practicing social distancing, or whatever you want to call it, we have all been inside–with the majority of us grown-ups watching a crazy docu-series about for-profit zoos housing large cats and other predatory species.

While zoos are currently closed to the public, some are offering virtual tours and live-streaming videos. San Diego Zoo has a website for kids that features live footage, animal facts, activities and games.

Today, I invite you to check out their website and watch their live videos here:  Using the information and videos on the site, encourage your child to draw their favorite animal.

You can also have virtual animals in your living room. Learn more here:

Written by Ashley Hall, Youth Services Librarian 

Daily Fun Tip #1

Some of my fondest childhood memories are associated with board games. Frequently, my parents would go to their friends’ houses and play games. There were several families present, which amounted to a TON of us kids running around. My playmates and I would alternate playing checkers, playing hide and seek, and taking turns holding guinea pigs. We had a grand time. The chex mix was fresh from the oven and ice cold root beer flowed all night.

Times. Were. Good.

At home, my little brother and I would play Monopoly Jr. and Trouble for hours on end, deliberating over the rules, and making up new ones as we went along. Other times, when I couldn’t find a willing opponent, I would play the games by myself, taking turns for “both players”. These times were fun in their own way, and allowed me to simultaneously understand the game from two perspectives. I was able to develop strategy and practice my narrative skills.

Today, I long for the camaraderie and joviality of a multi-family game night, but Covid-19 is harshing my vibe. The upside is that while practicing social distancing, although we cannot gather with our friends and loved ones who don’t live with us, we can still have fun with our immediate family.

Today, I challenge you to take your (or your child’s) favorite (or least favorite) board game and switch things up a bit. Foster their creativity and let your child take the lead. Take turns making up new rules and playing by them.

Marion County Library System COVID-19 Updates

Dear Patrons,

Due to updated safety advisories regarding the coronavirus, the Marion County Library System will be closing effective Wednesday, March 18th through Tuesday March 31st. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

We ask that our patrons with library materials hold on to those items until the library returns to regular schedule. All late fees and fines will be waived, so please do not be concerned about any overdue notices or emails. While the library system will not be circulating materials at this time, all of our online resources will still be available from our website – Additionally, we will be leaving the WiFi on at all locations should patrons still need to access it.


Thank you for understanding and please stay safe!



Holly Evans,
Library Director