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Getting a Library Card


Registration -- Who May Borrow?

Getting a library cardResident:

Anyone who resides, works full-time, owns property in Marion County, or has a Marion County telephone number may use the library without payment of a fee.

Reciprocal Agreement:

Reciprocal borrowing within the 7 counties of the Palmetto Polaris Consortia was approved by the library board on 11-23-04.  The counties are Chester, Darlington, Dillon, Marion, Marlboro, Georgetown and Sumter.  For purposes of this policy, card holders in good standing in these county libraries will be considered to be patrons of Marion County Library.


Non-residents  (exclusive of Consortia residents) wishing to use Marion County Library services may do so by payment of a $10.00 annual membership fee. The payment of the non-resident fee entitles the non-resident borrower to the same access to materials and services as the resident borrower.


Each library patron must complete and sign a library card application and present identification showing current address. One of the following will be accepted for address identification purposes:
  • Driver's License
  • Personal Check
  • Voter Registration
  • Business mail
  • Rental Agreement
  • Family member library card
If acceptable ID is shown at the time of application, the borrower's card will be issued and may be used immediately.
Patrons who cannot produce acceptable current address ID will have their library card mailed to them to verify address. Upon receipt of the borrower's card, the patron may begin checking out materials.

Juvenile borrowers:

Children are eligible for a library card in their own name at age three. Through age fourteen, children's applications and the borrower's card must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and current address ID shown. Children, unaccompanied by a parent or legal guardian with current address ID, who bring in a signed library card application will have their library card mailed to them.

 Signature statement -- Library card application:

"I agree to be responsible for material borrowed with this card, for all fines incurred and for loss and damage of materials charged to it. I accept responsibility for the selection of materials made by this person."

Signature statement -- Library card:

"...(Name) responsible for all materials borrowed on this card. If lost, a charge will be made for replacement."
Replacement Cards: Cards that will no longer wand properly due to wear, will be replaced free of charge. A fee of $2.00 is charged for all cards which have been lost.
Library cards should be guarded as any other credit card. Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the library. A stop will immediately be placed on that card and photo ID required for check-out. At the patron’s request, if he does not wish to have to show photo ID each time, the stopped patron barcode will be withdrawn and a new one issued
Click on the link below to see the Marion County Library card application.  You may print it and complete it at home and bring it with you when you visit the library, or simply come to the library and we will give you an application to complete.