About Us

Our Vision:

The Marion County Library will serve as an essential resource that fosters community connections to the heritage of the past, the opportunities of the present, and the possibilities of the future.

Our Mission:

The Marion County Library connects people, information, and ideas to encourage life-long literacy, learning, and leisure pursuits for a thriving community.

Our Organization:

The Marion County Library is a county-wide system serving a population of 33,000 through the Marion headquarters library, branches in Mullins and Nichols, and a bookmobile. The library system is affiliated with county government and the Marion County Library Board of Trustees is comprised of 7 members, each representing a County Council District.

Our Facilities:

This county library system, headed by a professional librarian, is eligible to receive state aid. The Marion Library was established in 1898 and the present building, endowed by Andrew Carnegie, was built in 1905. The building was expanded in 1975 and totals approximately 5,000 square feet. The Marion, Mullins and Nichols libraries were incorporated into the present county-wide system in 1970. The Mullins Library facility was renovated in 1973, and again in 2016. The Nichols Library was renovated in 1974, and moved to the new City Administrative building in 2015.  Our library was the first in the state of South Carolina to offer Bookmobile service beginning in 1913.

Our Board of Trustees:

Neal Fairbanks, Chair
Dr. Paul DeMarco, Vice-Chair
Viola Edwards, Treasurer
Arnetha Davis, Secretary
Dustin Connor
Trophelia Hall
Betty Tindall

The Board of Trustees meets every third Thursday at 6pm, alternating locations between Mullins and Marion. Meetings are held in Nichols in May. The meetings are open to the public, but anyone wishing to address the board must submit a request to the board chair or the library director one week in advance of the meeting. For more information, please contact us at info@marion-lib.org or call the library at 843-423-8300.