Daily Fun Tip #5



Today, I challenge you to sing “Old Mac Donald Had a Farm” together. This song is such a fun song! It allows kids to associate animal sounds with the names of the animals, it teaches kids about what animals are found on farms, and  allows you to be silly and incorporate animals and sounds that aren’t traditionally thought of as found on farms, but definitely appear on real farms. For example, CRICKETS!

…and on this farm he had some Crickets!  E-I-E-I-O
With a chirp chirp here and a chirp chirp there… 
Here a chirp, there a chirp, everywhere a chirp chirp….

You could even let your child talk about what they would like on their farm if they had one and sing a version about that.  Or you could get really wild and add a verse about mosquitoes, and instead of making the sound mosquitoes make, you could swat at your arms or legs like this:

…and on this farm he had MOSQUITOES! E-I-E-I-O
With a (smack your arms twice, mimicking swatting away a mosquito) here and a (smack your legs twice) there…
Here a (smack your arm once), there a (smack your leg once)…everywhere a (quickly swat your chest and tummy) 

Keep talking, singing, and playing!