Daily Fun Tip #1

Some of my fondest childhood memories are associated with board games. Frequently, my parents would go to their friends’ houses and play games. There were several families present, which amounted to a TON of us kids running around. My playmates and I would alternate playing checkers, playing hide and seek, and taking turns holding guinea pigs. We had a grand time. The chex mix was fresh from the oven and ice cold root beer flowed all night.

Times. Were. Good.

At home, my little brother and I would play Monopoly Jr. and Trouble for hours on end, deliberating over the rules, and making up new ones as we went along. Other times, when I couldn’t find a willing opponent, I would play the games by myself, taking turns for “both players”. These times were fun in their own way, and allowed me to simultaneously understand the game from two perspectives. I was able to develop strategy and practice my narrative skills.

Today, I long for the camaraderie and joviality of a multi-family game night, but Covid-19 is harshing my vibe. The upside is that while practicing social distancing, although we cannot gather with our friends and loved ones who don’t live with us, we can still have fun with our immediate family.

Today, I challenge you to take your (or your child’s) favorite (or least favorite) board game and switch things up a bit. Foster their creativity and let your child take the lead. Take turns making up new rules and playing by them.